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Commercial Lawn Maintenance 

POAs & HOAs have been using Wellington Pro Lawn Since 1990

Whether you’re on the Board of Directors for your community or a facilities manager, Wellington Pro Lawn understands the importance of attention to all the grounds, landscape and lawn maintenance issues. We serve large accounts in Wellington and the surrounding areas of Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie County. 


At Wellington Pro Lawn we are locally operating business, you will not be shuffled from area manager to area manager. Our goal is service that is as close to 100% perfect as we can get, every time. Successfully completing your tasks, at your direction, in a successful manner, is what we offer. Wellington Pro Lawn directly addresses this issue with care. We are fully licensed, insured, well-equipped and ready to get the job done. 


Wellington Pro Lawn is a trusted caretaker of South Florida’s most beautiful landscaped environments. As an experienced service partner delivering both quality and personal service to our clients, we understand how a well-maintained landscape attracts people, residents, and adds to the curb appeal of the community. When you choose Wellington Pro Lawn as the preferred landscape maintenance contractor, rest assured you’ve chosen a proven company that knows your landscape is about maintaining property values and retaining residents.


  • Mowing: Mowing is not just about driving around a machine, it is about much more. First, we replace our mower blades with sharpened blades regularly. Most services go a minimum of 150 cuts before changing blades, some even longer. Also you have seen services leave ruts from continually driving the same pattern every single week on your lawn. We always change our pattern each week to alleviate this problem. Also, we're known to cross cut, regularly.


  • Line Trimming: Line trimming is done with a “weed eater” around the house. While this is a relatively easy task, it can make a huge difference in your lawns appearance. Many “crew” companies often rush this part of the job and cut inconsistently, probably to just get on to the next job. Just a little more attention to detail pays off tremendously. Let us show you our work!


  • Trimming: Hedges, palms and trees. Some customers prefer to do this themselves; let us take care of this for you and see how much better a well maintained yard can look. We often trim hedges and trees as part of our complete monthly service. We also offer pay per trim request, which is paid for separately. Either way, this is an important part of your overall "curb appeal" and we understand the importance of this.


  • Edging: This is one of the most important keys to getting an aesthetically pleasing lawn. The edge should be angled, open in the warmer/growing season, and kept tighter in the cold/dormant season.


  • Blowing and Clean up: This is a simple task but many services leave too much grass in the “edges” or blow the grass into the street and neighbors' driveways. Why leave a mess? When we leave, your lawn should look spectacular, right? The extra time we spend will speak for itself.


We are the best Commercial lawn care & landscape service professionals! Give us a call now. (561) 790 - LAWN (5296)

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