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Landscape Design & Installation 

Wellington Pro Lawn Provides Affordable, Superior, Design and Installation Services


The art of landscaping design flourishes when design teams work directly with installation teams. From concept to completion, Wellington Pro Lawn professional designers and installation crews will make the most of your property and grounds to enhance year-roung enjoyment of your outdoor living area.



Your project begins with an on-site design consultation and together we discuss your particular goals and wishes, while assessing the existing conditions: including sunlight, soil and water/irrigation access.



Our plans are drawn to scale and show the placement of plants, paths, decks, container planting ideas, walls and outdoor recreation/relaxtion areas. Our plans place the right plant, in the right place, while taking into consideration, the existing plants.



Services Include:


  • Landscape Design and Installation

  • Tree Installation

  • Sod Replacement

  • Fertilizing Service

  • Mulching Service

  • Professional Landscape Lighting

  • Irrigation Installation and Repair

  • Custom Water Features & Fountains

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